BEE (bamboleo) wrote in ray_toro,


My friend penguingirl90 drew this for me...

ISNT THAT SO SWEET???????? Yeah. She's awesome :)

Sorry for posting so much guys..... I just like this community to be jumpin cause.... Ray deserves it :)

ok here's a question.

What is your favorite Toro guitar solo?????? This is hard for me to pick...... but I have to say Thank You For the Venom. Both the beginning, and the guitar solo in the middle of the song I sit there like, HOW DOES HE DO THAT??????? HOW???? It's gotta be the fro.

and a second question.... for fun..... what's your favorite picture of ray??? I can't decide between two of him rockin' out. and its fun to share pictures. the end :)

  • picspam.

    I dont really post here too often, but I come bearing gifts. WHOA STRAIGHT HAIR Enjoy.

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