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Revenged. Again!


[Hey. In advance, sorry if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete. But as it is related with the band I thought I'd post it here :) ]

A couple months ago I opened a site directory called Revenged, which is a Web Directory for MCR sites. Due to seriously severe spamming I had to change the script that I use to run it and start it over. I've emailed the old links that were there, since all of them need to re-join (If you were listed, please go re-join, I've emailed you!), but I also wanted to spread the word to see if I can make new people join the listing.We all know there are a LOT of sites out there, and my goal is to have them listed in one place, so it's easier to look and access them all. You CAN add LJ/GJ coms yo the list, and I'm hoping this one will be added:)

Anyways, I would love that if you have a site, you could join the directory, first up, to get it started (again)and if you could help me out spread the word. I'm emailing as many MCR sites as I know, but if you know someone I would appreciate a lot if you could tell them. All the information about joining and everything can be found at the site, which is


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