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Welcome to the Ray Toro Appreciation Community!

If you are anything like myself you will want to join this community. Ray Toro, guitarist of My Chemical Romance, is greatly underminded and underappreciated because his gene pool is not quite as handsome as that of the other band members. This has resulted in Ray being horrifically neglected.
This community is for you to post your Ray pictures, stories and rants. Pictures go behind a LJ cut and fighting, gushing over other band members and petty name calling will not be permitted. Promotion of irrelevant communities will not be permitted, neither will promotion of mcr_lovers which is an example of a rating community, disguised as a My Chemical Romance community.

Any problems? Contact your moderator neonnest

"You listen to Ray's guitar playing on the record and some the solos he goes for are completely ridiculous. He completely tops anything he's done on that first record. I know for a fact that some of it was extremely hard and he would sit up all night in the apartment doing it until he got it right. There was even one song where one of the solos involved tuning. He had to tune to get to where the solo would go to, which was incredible. He's a guy who constantly challenges himself and I am and the guys in the band are which is why we work well together."
-Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance